Mount Umbrella Beach (Recommended For Tour in Bali)

Silence at home or maybe there is a plan go to beach, if any of this time I will share one of the interesting and cool beaches in the area of ​​southern Bali, called "Pantai Gunung Payung".

This beach is very beautiful and still very natural especially if you see the view from above hmm .. very calm and peaceful!

This umbrella beach has its own characteristics and nuance, relaxed waves, shallow sea water on the lips of the beach, blue and clear sea color gradiation, the sand is clean white, a place that fits perfectly for you who have a hobby swimming and snorkeling , really interesting place that fit to spend time weekend with family and friends gokil you guys.

The address of this interesting place is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District , precisely located on the east coast of Pandawa Bali. The entrance fee to Pantai Gunung Payung is charged 5.000 rupiah per person for local and 8.000 rupiah for non local.

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Well .. if you parked the vehicle it's time to go down to the beach, on the way down you will pass the road made by cleaving limestone cliffs like on the road at Pandawa Beach guys, besides that you also have to descend the stairs from top to bottom approximately 10 minutes walking. Along the way down you will see a view that makes the eye amazed .. hhe

If you've got under the view more cool...!
This beach atmosphere will make you relax, I saw some photos in social media with the color of white sand makes me curious about this interesting place.

And it turns out after my review directly, this Mount Umbrella Beach does have a really clean white sand, free of garbage (still guarded ya kedepannya) clear sea water bergradiasi bluish adds to the beautiful impression of this beach.
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The name of this beach is taken from the name of Pura which is located here, called Pura Gunung Payung, at any time the beach water can recede until you will see it so clear to make rocks and corals clearly visible. This beach is really very fitting for you who want a quiet and relaxed holiday, the last time I visited this place in December 2015.

Access road is still the process of renewal because around it will be built resorts and golf courses. This charming place will make your Beach Escape in the weekend become unforgettable.. hhe.
Recommended Destination.

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