Sand Mound Benoa - Bali Tour (Gundukan Pasir)

What is a Gundukan Pasir?
Gundukan Pasir (Sand Mound) is one of the attractions of the many attractions in Bali. Its location is located on the road leading to Benoa Harbor on the left of the toll, if you guys from the north, the place looks barren and dry so it looks clear from the big road.
But now has started in tumbuhi grass - weeds that are scattered around this Place of Attraction.
Balinese Benoa Sand Mound

Last I visited this place, there are some people who are cool to take pictures and do a photo session prewed, for the instagramers dry place like this have added value and uniqueness of its own so dear to miss.

Maybe some people have been here but I'm sure there are still many who do not know the location details, here as usual I will help with the picture mapsnya, which later you can click on the end of the post, well .. I will explain a bit about Maps , there may be some people who say Google Maps is misleading.

Honestly every trip that I do while mengexplore Place of Interest in Bali I helped a lot with the help of Google Maps , Google 's corporate giant's applications will greatly help us in the future, the application updates on your phone to the latest version.

If it's better to combine the two if we get lost, we'll use Google Maps and ask Locals ..  'Be a Smart Users. 

For those of you who like to challenge and adventure why be afraid of getting lost, while we are still in this beautiful island of Bali getting lost is fun, is not it guys? hhe.

One more, the Place of Attraction does not have to always pay expensive and need admission. The place can be considered interesting depending on how we look and enjoy it .. 'See you on the next trip!  😉
Location    : Check Here

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