Manikliyu Pine Forest (Recommended For Tour in Bali)

Nusa Blog  this time trip to kintamani area that is precisely to Manikliyu Village, one of nine villages in West Kintamani region, which has wide area of ​​503 Ha, with height 1050 mdpl, imagine how cold guys. 
Wellcome to Manikliyu Village

Where with the condition of the hilly area and the majority of the livelihood of the population is the sector of agriculture and livestock.

In this manikliyu village is also a development area of ​​prehistoric tourism and agro tourism, because this area is a very strategic tourism zone and plays an important role for the development of village tourism.

Well it's a glimpse of this Manikliyu Village, because of its hilly terrain and is in the highlands besides that around here there are also photo spots that Instagramable, along the road to the Village Manikliyu you will see  a very beautiful view of the Pine Forest on the right path and left you, its location is on Jln. Manikliyu, this place is in Glagah linggah area.

Manikliyu Kintamani (Pine Forest)
Kintamani Pine Forest area remains my favorite place with a very cool and cool air makes this place cool to just make the body feel relaxed and refreshed from the air that is very polluting in the city. 

Honestly I myself really like the atmosphere around the region, feel it linger - long without doing anything, just silence and enjoy the view that there is, the sound of birds, insects and friction between the twigs of one tree with another tree to make the heart feel peaceful here . 😃

The experience of exploring the island of Bali is endless, in every place has its own beauty and uniqueness, depending on the way we see and enjoy it. 

Being adventurous , stepping and meeting new people is an experience that will teach you something more, how to greet, meet, and how to respect others, I honestly still have many shortcomings, from this adventure I at least can learn a lot about various new thing. Keep Exploring guys! Recommended.

Location    : Check Here

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